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Announcing a New Strategic Partnership between BMC and CorreLog - Breaking the Mold for Mainframe Security

How many of us have thought, “We just passed a compliance audit so everything must be secure,” or “the mainframe can’t be breached, it’s unhackable.” Or, “I’m not worried because event logs would show any security issue or threat of intrusion immediately”? These are just a few examples of the false sense of security that many mainframe professionals have. The fact of the matter is the mainframe is closer to the internet, applications, and credit card information than ever before, and this is precisely the data that the hackers want.  Now you might be asking a different question - “Just how secure is my mainframe?”


Because keeping your mainframe data secure is vital, we are announcing a strategic partnership to provide the ultimate mainframe security.  Today, BMC is announcing a new partnership with CorreLog to extend real-time visibility into the mainframe and provide up-to-the-second security notifications for faster remediation in the event of a breach.  By capturing critical data in real time and delivering real-time notification directly into SIEM systems, and providing security alerts such as IMS event log correlation, your security teams will have a 360-degree perspective on threat activity.  This proven technology makes CorreLog an ideal partner in helping clients enhance their security services.  Combine this capability with BMC’s innovative solutions in cost, data and systems management for an end-to-end solution that cannot be beat.

BMC is a dedicated mainframe solutions provider and we are delighted to be entering this new strategic partnership with CorreLog, an industry leader for real-time mainframe event management.  Together, we intend to enhance security services and provide clients with a comprehensive view of the enterprise.   We couldn’t be more excited to bring our solutions together to help you defend your IT security and the business-critical data that remains on the mainframe. 

Learn more about BMC mainframe solutions here.

Learn more about CorreLog solutions here.

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