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Event Data vs. Syslog Data: 4 points of distinction for the CISO

It should come as no surprise that security information and event management, or SIEM, has been fueled by industry standards groups and government agencies. Leading the charge to how data and.

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10 Step FIM Approach for Reliability, Data Security and Compliance

One area that you shouldn’t overlook that can derail your ability to hit IT service level agreements (SLAs) is file integrity monitoring (FIM). Your inability to uphold file integrity compromises.
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Mainframe SIEM Log Management in a Distributed IT Security World

Seems like every day we see news headlines about yet another cyber-breach. Government agencies, local municipalities, online gaming and social platforms, financial institutions, even high-school.

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Log Management Language Barrier Pt. 3: Where to Find Mainframe Events

Over the last few weeks I have written that mainframe people and enterprise security people use “Syslog” to mean two different things and that z/OS SYSLOG is not a good source for the kinds of.

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Log Management Language Barrier Pt. 2, Just what is Mainframe SYSLOG?

Two weeks ago, I wrote that one obstacle to getting your Mainframe to “speak” to your security information and event management (SIEM) console was that mainframe people and enterprise security.

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Log Management Language Barrier: Is it Syslog or SYSLOG?

Does your mainframe speak Syslog or SYSLOG?

Does your mainframe speak SIEM (security information and event management)? Do your mainframe people speak SIEM? If you are typical, your mainframe is.

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FIM for Service Reliability, Security, Compliance and... Gamers!

No, I'm not a gamer but...

I did read an article (Sony confirms external attack brough down PlayStation Network - Dean Takahashi, April 22, 2012) on GAMESBEAT this morning that talks about the.

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The Crux of Cybercrime Event Logging... from a car alarm???

Five things you should be thinking about before someone tries to “break in” to your IT systems

It was 3:49 a.m. last Thursday. Car alarm was going nuts and my dog was wildly barking out on the.

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Log Management Lesson: Confessions of a Security Systems Admin

“We thought we could handle all of the user’s problems without analyzing every single log message. Now I'm a news headline!”

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5 Threats to Virtual Infrastructure Security and 6 Log Management Tips to Improve it

Virtualization is one of those computer terms that is often overused and misunderstood. Wikipedia defines it as “the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an.

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