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SC Magazine Five-Star Rating Comes at an Opportune Time for Organizations Seeking a Viable SIEM at a Reasonable Price

In May, CorreLog was pleased to announce a SC magazine review five-star blog image five-star rating from SC magazine on SIEM Correlation Server ver. 5.7.1 for its ease of use, performance, and value for money. Coincidentally, that same month, a global ransomware attack gained significant media attention after causing major disruption for industries worldwide.

Following the attack, the Reuters published an article detailing the fallout of the event. As many as 200,000 machines in countries across the globe were affected by the attack, leaving some companies impaired for days afterwards as they scrambled to determine what (if any) information was stolen, and if their systems could be determined safe.

While this attack was one of the better publicized data security breaches of the year, since the beginning of 2017 has documented 25 (and counting) of the worst data breaches so far, including breaches affecting companies and organizations spanning from Saks Fifth Avenue to Chipotle to the IRS.

Typically, Lack of IT Security is not the Problem

We are facing an InfoSec climate today where data system hacking is simply inevitable. Interestingly enough, it’s not for a lack of security opening the door for these hacks to occur. The problem lies in the fact that most IT infrastructures are too complex for the SIEM to use its full capability. Additionally, many SIEMs are just too complicated to understand and use.

Everyone is facing getting hacked. It's not a matter of if, but when. And when that data breach occurs, IT security professionals need the right tools to give them up-to-the-second notifications out-of-box, in an easy-to-use tool that won’t stifle system resources across the organization. CorreLog’s dedication to better address this problem with SIEM Correlation Server v. 5.7.1 has paid off in the eyes of SC Magazine.

Five-out-of-five Stars: CorreLog SIEM Server

In the rating, CorreLog received five out of five stars across the board for its features, documentation, value for money, performance, support, and ease of use. SC Mag reviewer Peter Stephenson even wrote: “For its value and feature set, as well as the efforts to improve and keep the product ahead of the curve, we make this our Best Buy.”

The high functionality, ease of installment, and the quality of support available make Correlog’s SIEM Correlation Server a no brainer to help address the breadth of security problems businesses face today. SC Magazine agrees, just as the evidence supporting a need for better data security management is reported in the news every day.

To read the five-star review from SC Magazine, click here.
For more information about the CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server, download the datasheet here.

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